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Flutter Issues

Encountered Development Errors

  • The following two links are a temporary solution to easily finding/submitting error solutions, if you have any suggestions, we are happy to hear them!
  • If you have a bug/issue, feel free to search for it in this spreadsheet.
  • If the issue you are currently encountering does not exist within the spreadsheet linked above, feel free to submit a new error within this error submission form.

Flutter doctor says that Android Studio is not installed but it is

Android Studio (not installed) , when run flutter doctor while Android Studio installed on machine - Stack Overflow

Flutter doctor says that java needs to be installed

Install Java (Recommended version 8)- Open JDK Downloads

Flutter Doctor says you have to agree to licenses

But when you run ‘flutter doctor –android-licenses’ you get a load of errors that is fixed with - windows - Flutter Doctor –android-licenses : Exception in thread “main”

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