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FAQs for at_app on the @platform

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What are the different flags that can be used with at_app?


The namespace is the most important flag to include when creating your application.

When storing keys on the secondary server, the namespace is used to filter the data produced by your app from the other @platform applications. To create a namespace for your app, make sure to register an @sign from and use that as your namespace. By owning the @sign, you can ensure that you also own the namespace.

You can specify the namespace with --namespace=YOUR_NAMESPACE_HERE.

Root Domain

By default the root domain is set to prod (production). In the production domain, you can use real @signs to test your application.

Alternatively you can specify --root-domain=ve in the command to choose the virtual environment, and test with those @signs instead.


When you are ready to publish your application, you can request an api-key for the Onboarding Widget. This api-key will authorize your app when attempting to generate a free @sign within the widget.

You can specify this with --api-key=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE.

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