The @sign foundation overview

Meet the atsign-foundation organization

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The atsign-foundation

This organization is the home for a number of open source projects and repositories. They generally fall into three basic categories:

  1. An open specification for The @protocol.
  2. An open source platform(i.e @platform) implementation of the protocol.
  3. Documentation, samples and examples of how to use and implement the @platform.

The @protocol

The @protocol is a new internet protocol which is defined by an open specification document which is maintained in our Github repo.

Protocol Definition

To learn more about the @protocol, check out the full spec document

The @platform

The @platform is designed to help developers create end-to-end encrypted mobile applications. A full stack platform written in Dart and Flutter, it includes a wide range of libraries, services and widgets specifically designed for creating privacy-first applications on any platform.

Platform Definition

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