Services provided by the @platform

Important services provided by the @platform

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Data Caching & Encryption

Data that others have shared with an @sign owner is cached on the @sign owner’s device’s local keystore if permitted.

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Notification is a mechanism which enables an @sign to share data with another @sign. The data shared is end to end encrypted. @sign owner can query the status of the notification.

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The onboarding process is responsible for creating the authenticating keys for a new @sign or retrieving the authenticating keys of an existing @sign from the keys file provided by the @sign owner. It also synchronizes the data between mobile apps and the cloud secondary server.

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Peer-to-Peer Streams

Streams enable transferring of files between the @sign’s through a secure and dedicated socket between sender and receiver. The files can be a text documents, images, audio-video files etc. The stream transfers are end to end encrypted.

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The persistence defines the interfaces on how the data in @protocol is stored.

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Synchronization is a process to keep the data in mobile apps and @sign server identical.

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