The @platform pricing

Pricing for the @platform infrastructure

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We have fully open sourced the @ platform so that everyone can contribute to make it better and also is FREE to use for the developers. The source code you see on GitHub is what we run on our production servers.

When the developers build apps on the @platform the people (you might call them users) using these apps also do not pay any fees for the infrastructure or the storage. Atsign takes that on. There are no pricing tiers, plans, renewals - None!

So, you might wonder, how does Atsign make money? As you might already know, everyone has an identity on the @platform - a.k.a the @sign - people can choose to use FREE, randomly generated @signs or they might choose to buy custom or vanity @signs with unique first/last/firstlast name combinations which have pricing tiers associated with them. So, when people choose to buy the paid @signs that is how we bring home the bacon. But there is more good news here. If your app is the first one they pair with, after buying their @sign, we pay you commission on that. Yep, you don’t pay us, we pay you.

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