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All the documentation you need for building apps on the @platform

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As the heart of the @platform, we developed the @protocol in Dart, a powerful language that can be used to develop mobile apps with Flutter, Google’s increasingly popular UI software framework. If you are new to Flutter or Dart, no problem! Many of our first developers knew nothing about these languages coming in. For guidance on Flutter installation and development, please visit Regardless of your coding knowledge, we recommend that you begin with “Get Started.”

Welcome to the @platform:

Our Co-Founder/CTO, Colin Constable, and Co-Founder/CPO, Kevin Nickels discusses how the @platform has come to be and what it is, for you!

Where should I go next?

Get Started

The fastest way to get started developing on the @platform

Sample Applications

Seeing the @platform in action with demo applications and tutorials packages

Get your environment ready to develop a Flutter app

Core Technology of the @platform

The components of the @platform architecture

The @sign foundation overview

Meet the atsign-foundation organization

@platform Additional Resources

All the resources you will need for developing on the @platform

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