@dev program - coming soon!

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Ensure the quality of your app

To ensure that all @protocol-based apps are of the highest quality, The @ Company offers certification to members of the @dev program. Joining the program is the first step towards creating an @protocol certified application (otherwise known as an @pp). As a member, you can submit your app for review and make improvements based on our feedback.
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Receive promotional assistance

After your app has been certified, it will be promoted on our official list of @pps. You can display The @ Company™ @pp badge on your app as proof that it offers high-quality privacy and data protection.

Earn commissions

Once your app is certified and in beta, you can receive a commission for each @sign sold through your app.
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Interested in joining? The @dev program is currently still in development, but there are several steps you can take to prepare for its launch.

  1. We ask that all members of our @dev program register for @signs of their own. If you haven’t already created an @sign, you can get a free or custom @sign here.
  2. If you already have an @sign, great! To be notified when the @dev program launches, you can enter your email address below: