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Join the @dev Program

Build apps that respect people’s privacy by design with the @platform

We’re building the @dev Program to foster a new generation of privacy-respecting, surveillance-free mobile apps developed on the @protocol, and to help developers create a hassle-free revenue stream. To ensure that the apps we promote are of the highest quality, we’re including a @certificaion process. Certified apps will earn our @certified badge and be eligible to join @affiliates.

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1 - @dev Program Tools & Templates

All the tools and templates to go to market with your @platform privacy app

Coming soon!

1.1 - App Privacy Policy

If you need help adding a privacy policy to your apps built on the @platform, here is a draft template for you to get started.

This application contains private data either created by you or created by others and shared with you. It also may contain data that you or others have chosen to share publicly.

After being encrypted, this data is sent to a cloud server that provides backup and synchronization with other devices. But don’t worry — since the keys to this data remain on your device, whoever runs this cloud server won’t be able to access any data that you have not set as public.

In other words, all private data belongs to its creator, and can only be accessed by those with permission to view it. Nobody else, including us, can access any of this private data, resulting in:

  • No surveillance
  • No snooping
  • No monetization of data

Remember, the data that you share publicly is public and therefore accessible to anyone, so take care with what you choose to share openly.

Welcome to a new way of thinking about data ownership and privacy. Regardless of how you choose to share it, your data should — and will — always belong to you.

How’s that for a privacy policy?

2 - @certification for @platform apps

How to have your app certified as a privacy respecting app on the @platform

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3 - The @platform affiliate program

Earn affiliate commission for @sign sales on the @platform

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