As a developer, you’ve probably dealt with the many frustrations of app monetization. Luckily, developing on the @platform gives you a pain-free way to make money. To encourage more widespread adoption of @signs, we’ll pay you a 20% commission whenever your @pp refers someone to buy an @sign.

To give you an idea of what this will look like, we’ve broken down the exact amounts you’ll earn based on the different @sign types.

How much will I earn?

Type of @sign You Earn
$10 @signs (i.e. @bobsmith7799) $2
$100 @signs (i.e.@bobsmith) $20
$1,000 @signs (i.e. @bob) $200
$5,000 @signs (i.e. @BAS) $1,000

Note that only certified apps (otherwise known as @pps) are eligible for commissions. To get your app certified, you’ll need to join our upcoming @dev program.

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