@dev program - Certification


At The @ Company, our goal is to foster a new generation of privacy-respecting, surveillance-free mobile apps developed on the @platform. To ensure that the apps we promote are of the highest quality, we’ve created a certification process for all apps developed on the @platform.

To get your app approved and certfied, you must first join our @dev program (coming soon). After submitting your app, you’ll receive a review in approximately 5 business days. We will either approve your app or make suggestions for improvement. In exchange, you will receive permission to use the @ Company™ app certification badge on your app, inclusion in the list of certified apps, and commissions on registered @signs from your app.

When reviewing your app, we will consider the following:

Safety and People Support

  • Does your app have any objectionable content?
  • Does your app risk physical or psychological harm?
  • Does your app provide customer care and contact info?
  • Does your app use the automatic privacy compliance built into the @platform?


  • Is the version of your app complete?
  • Has it been beta tested?
  • Have you assigned accurate meta data for search?
  • Does your app meet the @sign guidelines for API?


  • Does your app use surveillance-free advertising or subscriptions, if you decide to supplement your @sign commissions revenue?
  • Does your app provide access and an explanation of @sign registration for customers?


  • Is your app designed well and does it integrate the @sign UI guidelines?
  • Is your app valuable and enjoyable to use?
  • Does your app take advantage of the @platform benefits?
  • Does your version have the MVP of features?


  • Does your app only collect data on personal servers (true P2P, not on secondary servers)?
  • Does your app ensure no tracking and location tracking?
  • Is your app surveillance-free?

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