API Documentation

AtClient SDK

The AtClient SDK provides the essential methods for building an app using the @protocol

AtClientMobile SDK

The AtClientMobile SDK adds device specific features to the AtClient SDK for iOS and Android applications

AtLookup Library

The AtLookup Library is a low-level implementation of the @protocol verbs

AtPersistenceSpec Interface

The AtPersistenceSpec interface abstraction defines what an @at_persistence implementation is responsible for


The AtPersistence/RootServer implementation of the at_persistence_spec for the RootServer


The AtPersistence/SecondaryServer implementation of the at_persistence_spec for the SecondaryServer

AtServerSpec Interface

The AtServerSpec interface abstraction defines how an AtServer implementation should handle the @protocol verbs


The RootServerImpl provides the @protocol directory service


The SecondaryImpl provides the @protocol secondary server microservice